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This platform is great for all sizes of merchants.  

Easy Payroll

A Domestic Routing Service removing the need for international processors such as VISA, while dramatically reducing costs to customers and FI’s and simultaneously creating a platform for all new digital channels such as mobile & internet as well as traditional card based systems.

No Setup fees. Just Quick & Easy Payroll

What is PayGo Corporate Services?

PayGo Corporate Services is one of the services that PayGo offers, doing batch payment processing via a web user interface enabling registered customers to perform batch payments including salaries, supplier payments and direct debits

Enhanced with several administration and reconciliation functionalities such as user management, reporting and batch management.

Efficient access controls and security features that buttress data protection.

With the partnership of ZSS shared service platform which interfaces with almost all the Financial Institutions with over 100 integrations, its experience spanning over a decade, PayGo’s architecture is such that it can easily interface to any bank’s Postilion through existing nodes or interfaces.


  • No upfront costs
  • Local ZWL$ billing
  • Uses existing integrations and systems
  • Easy sign up process for corporates
  • Real-time transactions and immediate credit
  • Notification of rejected batches
  • Ability to resend failed transactions
  • Reporting & Reconciliation Facilities
  • Quick time to market
  • Zimbabwean support team
  • Access your service anytime from any location


  • Two step approval process for corporate user creation
  • Secure username and password system
  • OTP method for initial sign up
  • User roles and privileges
  • Two step batch approval process
  • Secure web encryption protocols.


Make Low Cost Payments with PayGo

Corporate Services

Batch payment processing via a web user interface enabling registered customers to perform batch payments including salaries and supplier payments.

Merchant Services

A digital payment processing service that enables financial transactions to be securely completed between any Member Financial Institutions.

Domestic Services

Combining the strength of the national level mobile banking customer base with simple cell phone to account

Cross Border Services

Existing interfaces with Mukuru, World Remit, Hello Paisa. Planned extension of service to include all international remittance providers.