Merchant Focused QR

This platform is great for all sizes of merchants.  

Bank Focused QR

Security on Mobile, localisation in Zimbabwe, Integration into current systems through ZSS and PayGo is ISO certified.

User Focused QR

USSD or Mobile App integration, accesibility 24hrs a day, 7 days a week – ANYWHERE!

No Hardware. No Mess. Quick Payments.

What is Merchant Services?

A Domestic (International ISO Standard) Routing Service removing the need for international processors such as VISA, while dramatically reducing costs to the organisations and it’s customers, while simultaneously creating a platform for all new digital channels such as mobile & internet as well as traditional card based systems.

A payment processing service that enables financial transactions to be securely completed between any Member Financial Institutions, customers or merchants across a wide variety of traditional and digital channels.


  • Interoperability
  • Uses existing integrations and systems
  • Local ZWL$ billing
  • Low Cost
  • Any Mobile Device
  • Convenient to use
  • Secure
  • Fast transaction time
  • Card not present
  • No additional hardware required (POS)


  • Enabling existing 3,5 million registered ZSS mobile banking customers to make CNP (Card Not present) mobile payments
  • Extension of existing USSD and SmartPhone service
  • Fully interoperable based on  International ISO standards
  • Rapid time to market utilising existing and mature core mobile digital channel

PayGo Customers

Working with ZSS, the initial customer base will be Financial Institutions – specifically issuers (FI’s whose customers are bank or wallet end users) and Acquirers (whose customers are merchants).

Getting FI’s onboard to PayGo is vital to making a completely interoperable network, nationwide.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Networks

Banks Integrated


Million Users

For the Merchant

Enables Merchants to have a quick, easy and affordable payment method via QR Codes, either on USSD menu or Smartphone.

For the Bank

Acquire more merchants and customers. Process payments quickly and securly with no additional merchant hardware.

For the User

Lets the banks customer access PayGo via their current mobile banking platform, no additional apps or short codes.

Make Low Cost Payments with PayGo

Corporate Services

Batch payment processing via a web user interface enabling registered customers to perform batch payments including salaries and supplier payments.

Merchant Services

A digital payment processing service that enables financial transactions to be securely completed between any Member Financial Institutions.

Domestic Services

Combining the strength of the national level mobile banking customer base with simple cell phone to account

Cross Border Services

Existing interfaces with Mukuru, World Remit, Hello Paisa. Planned extension of service to include all international remittance providers.