Next Gen Acquisition

While PayGo is designed in Africa, we use global ISO standards to produce instant, interoperable, unique and secure QR technology that is simple and scaleable for all African Markets 

Africa Focused

PayGo easily integrates to any local system, with any currency and market size. This QR System also USSD & Application integrated, so there is no need for additional coding or hardware.

Merchant Sign up

The PayGo QR system does not require ANY additional hardware and this means that integration with current and new merchants is very, very quick!

Integration to FlexCube, Postillion & many more


PayGo is crafted to run as an interoperable payment system. Regardless if you are an issuer or acquirer PayGo will work for your institution. By keeping the system internal there is no need to pay external sources, creating a low cost digital routing service at a national level.


PayGo helps Financial Institutions acquire merchants and in turn engages new end users to engage with the platform. NEED HELP HERE!!


Through our API we can integrate with your currents systems to help your company harness the power of mobile technology, that allows your clients to pay for goods and services using thier mobile devices at merchant outlets.

There is no need for your clients to download additional Apps, PayGo will integrate directly into yours and is available on USSD. 

The future of payments is now in your hands!


PayGo runs on the DevShack International V-Suite technology. The QR code’s advantage is that it can contain much more data than a barcode, and in less space. Whereas a regular barcode can contain 54 numbers, a QR code makes it possible to include almost any kind of character-based information.  

QR codes are highly damage resistant: on the highest level of error correction they can be decrypted even when 15 percent of the printed area has been damaged. The black and white squares both contain data like the binary numbers 0 and 1 in digital technology.


While PayGo has been designed in Africa, for Africa, we have made sure that is completely ISO compatible to international standards while dramatically reducing costs to your customers on all digital channels.

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Make Low Cost Payments with PayGo

Corporate Services

Batch payment processing via a web user interface enabling registered customers to perform batch payments including salaries and supplier payments.

Merchant Services

A digital payment processing service that enables financial transactions to be securely completed between any Member Financial Institutions.

Domestic Services

Combining the strength of the national level mobile banking customer base with simple cell phone to account

Cross Border Services

Existing interfaces with Mukuru, World Remit, Hello Paisa. Planned extension of service to include all international remittance providers.