African Focused QR

A payment processing service that enables financial transactions to be securely completed between any Member Financial Institutions, customers or merchants across a wide variety of traditional and digital channels.

Low Cost Routing

A Domestic (International ISO Standard) Routing Service removing the need for international processors, that dramatically reduces costs to your customers and you, while simultaneously creating a platform for all new digital channels such as mobile & internet as well as traditional card based systems.

Low cost interoperable secure QR instant transaction software



PayGo integrates directly into your current banking systems, with added ISO Standard security measures that is targeted at being completely interoperable with all Financial Institutes throughout your region in Africa.


PayGo is design in Africa to be completely agile with our ever changing payment environments. With the ability to process QR payments for Micro-Merchants to Large Merchants instantly. We integrate locally to provide a low-cost mobile routing service that is ISO compatible to international standards while dramatically reducing costs to your customers on all digital channels.

The ZSS Mobile and Digital 
Payments Platform that improves and extends all available solutions under a universal experience…

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